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«Dear collaborators

Our company with its current form S.K. EVAGGELOPOULOS has been activated in the field of manufacturing instruments and providing equipment and supplies for apiculture, for the last fifteen years. At the same time, it has acquired a deep knowledge, experience and know-how for the last fifty years.

The discreet title MELISSOKINISI (bee and movement) is not accidental and declares factually that its daily objective and exclusive aim is to produce, manufacture and trade instruments, equipment and services of high quality, creating a completed range of products (foods, combs, beehives, bee extractors, various instruments) in affordable prices.

With continual efforts and investments in mechanical equipment and buildings, our company today allocates four thousand square meters of privately-owned installations on the second kilometre of the national road "Sofades Karditsa" and a stuff of twenty experienced workers who design, create and produce high quality products, possesing thus a high evaluated standard in the Greek market.

Over the last years we have built ultramodern installations in the Heraklion, Crete, a complete apiarian center of one thousand two hundred square metres, where the apiarists of Crete can get their supplies and equipment more economically.

Moreover, following extensive market research and participating in various expositions, locally and abroad, MELISSOKINISI has developed its activities outside Greece with considerably results so far.»

with the best disposal for collaboration
and friendly greetings
Stergios Evaggelopoulos